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Writers from all over the world provide unique insights gained from explorations of the world and share their cultural viewpoints and references based on the perspective of place. This section aims to attract more attention to and encourage more reflection on different cultures.
What Is Seen From The Art Awards In Asia
As the economic and political balance of the world has lessened the odds between the West + North America and Asia, new cultural and artistic discourses are set for this post-colonized and post-war continent.
Asian artPost-colonialSoutheast Asia
Going Underground: What Is Happening to Beijing’s Famed Music Scene
Beijing is going through a weird moment right now, or rather, Beijing is going through a normal moment in a history of permanent impermanence.
Underground musicSubcultureurban renewal
The Building of the Future
Winter was not the best season to visit Zagreb. An atmosphere of hibernation filled the half-vacant streets during the holiday. To many - even the locals - the cold weather could be a reason to feel depressed and anti-social.
cultural institutionCultural Ecosystem
Performing Photography: Documenting Art in Myanmar
Photography aided the process of dissemination, as well as capturing fleeting moments in which musicians and artists were performing their most heartfelt expressions.
Photographycultural censorshipArchivesPerformance
Restart the Shabby Time-Space Volume: Observation of the Italian Lab, Esperienza Pepe
In terms of the historical background and reopening goals, Esperienza Pepe is similar to C-LAB, the former Air Force Command Headquarters. Built between 1591 and 1595, it used to be a military base known as Guglielmo Pepe.
Esperienza Pepecultural experimentcultural activismsocial innovation