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What can we summon from the “Re” standpoint? On the polyphonic scene and reenactment strategy of “Re: Play”
Re: Play proposes a Benjaminist issue for us to consider: If “live scene” is the battlefield to write history, then every past that cannot reconcile with itself is in danger of disappearing forever.
Re: PlayLive Artcuratorial practices
More Than Live Art—Re: Play
Live art forms the basis of Re: Play with works by 16 artists that combine behaviors, dances, plays, sounds, music, videos, lecture performances and workshops, breaking through conventional narrative forms and overthrowing existing knowledge.
Re: PlayArchivesLive Artbody
It's about Experiencing: The 7th Taiwan International Video Art Exhibition—ANIMA
The 7th TIVA-ANIMA is not about attracting attention through advanced technologies or resplendent and interactive images. Moreover, its intention is not to respond to the question of what an image is or the definition of image either.
ANIMATaiwan International Video Art Exhibitionvideo
Virus, State of Exception, and Precarity: Reflections on the Contemporary Biopolitics
The spread of COVID-19 has ignited debates among philosophers on the prevention measures. This essay aims to clarify the discussions and reflects on the situation of contemporary biopolitics.
Why Look at Snails in Copulation? A Cross-Examination of Bio Art and Gender Perspectives
This article examines four Bio Art projects by artists collaborating with scientists and ecologists, reflecting on their explorations on aspects of gendered culture and anthropocentrism.
BioethicsBio Art
Recognizing the Creative Potential of Bio Art Laboratories
This article projects a comprehensive picture of the state of Bio Art practice, collating different types of Bio Art laboratories including biohacking labs built by bio-artists, Bio Art labs constructed by cultural institutions, as well as the Bio Art practice in academic biological labs and the observation of Bio Art labs at the ideological level.
Bio ArtBio Art LabBiohackers
Let the Games Begin:
2020 PLAY ARTS—Eye Contact - Transformation
As we enter the third year of PLAY ARTS, the focus, as in past years, is on developing activities that encourage the participation by people of all ages and the new generation of artistic talents. The concept of the word “play” in PLAY ARTS is easy to understand.
Play ArtsPerformancegame
AR Audio Book Adaptation of a Classic Children’s Symphony—The Book of Sounds: Peter and the Wolf
C-LAB’s Taiwan Sound Lab created an all-new production, The Book of Sounds: Peter and the Wolf, which is an AR audio book adaptation of this classic children’s symphonic fairy tale.
ARAmbisonicsPeter and the Wolf
Different Expressions of Park Spaces
—C-LAB’s Wonderland Outdoor Project
A series of installations of the Wonderland Outdoor Project in C-LAB have appeared to welcome the public.
Light Art projectEnvironmental Color DesignExperimental ArchitectureLandscape Installation
Hang LI: Sandwishes Studio, Combining Frameworks to Cross Disciplines
Why “Sandwishes Studio”? Actually, they don’t make sandwiches, but investigate new possibilities of social engagement through curating and design.
Virophilia Dinner Performance Quarantine Edition
Srtist LIN Pei-Ying hosted a remote session of the Virophilia Dinner Performance online. Participants joined in from their respective homes, sampling the 4-course meal concocted by the artist.
Rejection of human-centricBio ArtVirophilia
Glossary of Bio Art: Top 10 Commonly Used Terms
What is “Bio Art”? What is “moist media”? Through this glossary compiled by speculative designers KU Kuang-Yi and Paul GONG, you may gain more understanding of these terms and their meanings before further looking into the world of Bio Art.
Bio ArtscienceArt
An Introduction to the History and Development of Bio Art
Bio Art has blossomed as an art practice in the last two decades. What kinds of qualities define Bio Art? How do we draw the boundaries of Bio Art in myriads of discussions on intersecting art with science?
Eduardo KACGenetic ArtBio Art
The Golden Apple Snail Returns Home: A Field Study Across Species, Ecology, Art, and the Pacific
The golden apple snail has long been a serious agricultural pest in Taiwan. However, under what circumstances did they undertake the long journey to Taiwan from their native Argentina?
SpeciesecologyGolden Apple Snail
Political Provocation in YAO Jui-Chung’s Republic of Cynic
A virtual nation, called the “Republic of Cynic”, recently opened its “Embassy in the R.O.C.”, located at Art Space V (former U.S. Aid Building) at C-LAB, the nation comes with its own emblem, flag, anthem, and even passport.
historyCynicContemporary Art