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How do those involved in cultural experimentation in Taiwan implement their ideas? Through interviews and articles, an attempt is made to answer this question and to provide an understanding of how people and cultural ecosystems nourish each other and, in turn, enrich Taiwan’s cultural landscapes.
Lightbox Photo Library: Not Just a Library
Since its establishment in 2016, the Lightbox Photo Library team has been open to the public, bringing together cultural knowledge and energy and promoting exchanges.
libraryPhotographyfreedom of knowledge
Eric CHEN: Creator and Experimental Architect
“Collecting” and “patching” are the major working methods of architect Eric CHEN. And the secret to the practice is related to the value of being “on site.”
architecturearchitectural educationarchitectural designnegative space
Laila Chin-Hui FAN: Natural and Cultural Soundscape Explorer
For a long time, Laila Chin-Hui Fan has advocated for acoustic ecology education, working with people across fields and devoting herself to the promotion and exploration of concepts related to soundscapes in Taiwan.
environmental educationField Recordingsoundscape
Taipei Legend Studio: Travel through Time and Fantasy with Imagination
They are Taipei Legend Studio, a group of people who are passionately in love with games and fantasy literature and drawn to the history and culture, urban landscape, legends, folklore deities and fantastical creatures (Yao-Guai) of Taiwan.
paranormal literatureYao-Guaigame
Thinking about “Experimentation” Within Uncertainty—Interview with WANG Jun-Jieh, Curator of Re-Base: When Experiments Become Attitude
In a conversation with curator WANG Jun-Jieh, we reorganized his active imagination on the “experimentation” concept of the exhibition Re-Base: When Experiments Become Attitude.
Re-BaseExperimentContemporary Art