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How do those involved in cultural experimentation in Taiwan implement their ideas? Through interviews and articles, an attempt is made to answer this question and to provide an understanding of how people and cultural ecosystems nourish each other and, in turn, enrich Taiwan’s cultural landscapes.
Culture Is Life: An Interview with GÔO Pik-uí of Àm-khenn Culture Studio
The Àm-khenn Culture Studio set up by GÔO Pik-uí is a base for inquiring, tracing, and cataloging its cultural and anthropological heritage, identifying with the “Àm-khenn person” in the promotion of Àm-khenn culture.
regional revitalizationcultural workÀm-khenn Culture Studio
Keting Kurt CHEN of the Collectors
Co-Space: A Return to the Hometown or Stirring the Pond? The Courage to Leap in
Having participated in agricultural technical assistance work in countries of the Caribbeans and the Pacific islands, Keting Kurt CHEN returns to Taiwan to seeks out traditional wisdom in coexisting with nature, and sets up the Collectors Co-Space in Pinglin.
collectionthe Collectors Co-Spaceplantssustainability
Talum Ispalidav: Buan Is Talking, Wielding Words as Scalpels, the Critical Voices of Aboriginal Youth in Contemporary Times
Established in July 2020, Buan Is Talking leverages the social media to raise awareness of issues relating to Taiwanese indigenous peoples.
indigenous peoplesmedia empowermentpolicy advocacy
YANG Ye: An Unofficial Cultural Historian like Me
Always enthusiastic to take to the mountains in search of the next artifact, YANG Ye has devoted 30 odd years to his line of cultural history studies, making it his life’s work.
Beitou-yaki cultural history studies cultural artifact
GUO Yi-Ru’s Museological Knowledge Sharing Bar
When people search “The Museum Bar” on Facebook, they will discover a whole new world of museology which encompasses polices concerning museums at home and abroad, and museum-related information such as introductions to artworks and return of artifacts. This generous platform states its mission as follows: “Knowledge sharing is the prime objective of ‘The Museum Bar,’ since knowledge is a public good.”
museologycultural equityknowledge sharing
Hang LI: Sandwishes Studio, Combining Frameworks to Cross Disciplines
Why “Sandwishes Studio”? Actually, they don’t make sandwiches, but investigate new possibilities of social engagement through curating and design.
Yumi GOTO: A Curator of Exhibitions and Photobooks
Yumi GOTO started the series of bookmaking workshop “Photobook as Object” in Tokyo in 2014 and “Masterclass” in 2015. In the interview, she shares with us how she steps into the world of photobooks and starts to organize workshops in Japan.
Wood LIN: From Writing to Curating—The Journey of Documentary Filmmaking
Wood LIN began his career as a film critic and now has many years’ experience planning and producing documentary films. While his earlier works touched on a diverse range of subjects and issues, he has more recently focused primarily on promoting many diverse and experimental documentary film works that reflect the curatorial perspective.
TIDFcultural experimentdocumentary film
Lightbox Photo Library: Not Just a Library
Since its establishment in 2016, the Lightbox Photo Library team has been open to the public, bringing together cultural knowledge and energy and promoting exchanges.
libraryPhotographyfreedom of knowledge