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Thoughts and observations on cultural trends and creative practices are collected. Authors are invited to write in-depth articles and commentaries, as well as accounts and reviews of cultural experimentation.
Seeking Cultural Experiments within Language and Memory: The Linguistic Explorations of Taiwanese Video Artists, 2007-2011
In the five years spanning 2007 to 2011, numerous relatively young Taiwanese artists around the age of thirty independently showed interest in the relationships between language, memory, and identity.
cultural experimentPerformativityidentification
Cultural Experiment Policies of Asian Organizations
A parallel System Reproducing the Traditional For nations in Asia, the 19th century was a painful yet decisive moment, in which ancient customs and traditions were forcibly re-organized. Either being merged into the colonial system or being forced into creating new modern nations, symbolized a rupture with the past.
cultural experimentcultural policycultural institution
“We Don’t Know What We Don’t Know”: On the Attitude toward “Experiment” in the History of Science
Why can the term “experiment” be employed in such an extensive manner to refer to artistic practice as it should be by rights? And, what does experiment mean on earth?
cultural experimentScience Historyart practice
Introduction to the Works of Re-Base: When Experiments Become Attitude
The exhibition Re-Base: When Experiments Become Attitude covered five buildings of the C-LAB: Art Space I, Art Space II, Art Space III, Art Space IV, the New Office Building, and the Political Warfare Building.
Re-BaseexhibitionContemporary Art
Yes We Camp in Taiwan: Art Taking Roots & Innovation Sprouting
The French team stationed at C-LAB starts with the wood (that has just been transported here) and leads the volunteers in creating plenty of large outdoor movable furniture by hand.
public spaceExperimental Architecturecultural experimentsocial innovation