Photo © C-LAB

Weaving Workshop: Co-creating a Fiber Art Exhibition

Fiber artworks were created by artist CHUNG Chiung-Yi and 12 workshop participants working remotely. During the Weaving Workshop, the focus was not only on the physical state of weaving, but also on the emotional state of not knowing where to start when confronted with a mess of loose threads.

An in-person co-creation workshop was originally scheduled for June 2021. However, due to a coronavirus outbreak that led to a level three lockdown, a new model for co-creation was implemented. An on-site fiber art installation was completed by CHUNG. At the same time, transparent acrylic boxes that simulated the exhibition venue pegboards were produced for participants to work on at home. The artist transformed the exhibition venue into a large-scale bunching machine to examine how strands drawn through holes in an exhibition wall can be transformed into a fiber art installation through twisting, bunching, and weaving. Using the transparent acrylic boxes, participants imagined and created their own fiber art installations for the exhibition space.

Co-creators: CHUNG Chiung-Yi, LEE Shin-Uei, LIN Chen-En, LIN Chia-Ju, LIN Hsin-Chieh, SUN Yung-Chen, HSU Yan-Ting, HSU Yun-Chin, TSENG Wen-Ting, LIU Zhi-An, TSAI Shiuan-Hui, HSIAO Hui-Wen, LAI Ho-Tai