The Insomnia Sketchbook by LuxuryLogico & Andrea CERA

In 2020, C-LAB’s Taiwan Sound Lab and Institute for Research and Coordination in Acoustics/Music (IRCAM), France initiated their first co-produced work The Insomnia Sketchbook. LuxuryLogico and Andrea CERA are working together to construct a sketchbook comprising short stories took place in the darkness: these stories revolve around the sound fields or sounds of consciousness, clumsiness, pureness, dances, conflicts and destruction, as if we were half awake and eulogizing the mirages amidst dreams and realities under the guidance of a light spot. There is always a paradox in mechanized simulation of life. How can mechanical movements be demarcated from natural ones? Which kind of voice can animate mechanical movements? Which type of acoustic mapping in spatial environments will interact with these mechanical devices? How will ambient soundscapes affect people’s perception of light?
IRCAMTaiwan Sound Lab