The exhibition view of Sugar Foot. Photo © C-LAB

Great Space Robot Festival for a Better World

Sugar Foot is a song from the album Juice B Crypts by the New York-based experimental rock duo Battles, which exhibited in Art Space I during C-LAB Future Media Arts Festival. The COVID-19 pandemic, which began in 2020, has led to worldwide lockdowns. The members of Battles invited Taiwanese experimental rock/folk band Prairie WWWW to perform it, accompanied by the unique vocals of Jon ANDERSON, the lead singer of the avant-garde rock group Yes. Images were developed by the Japanese animation team AC-bu, which has contributed to the POP TEAM EPIC anime series. Together, they created the “Great Space Robot Festival,” a robot uprising bringing revenge for the festivals, events, and performances that have been cancelled or delayed due to the pandemic, in hopes that this pandemic will soon end, giving way to the creation of a better world.
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