The themed guided tour led by TAN Tien. Photo by HUANG Pin-Wei © C-LAB

Do We Pay Attention to Ourselves While Viewing Works?

During the final guided tour of the exhibition C-LAB Future Media Arts Festival, we looked at how the self views works.

As we enter an exhibition space and approach a work, what relationships are produced among our bodies, the objects in front of them, and the space they are in? How do these relationships change as we, the viewers, move? For this themed guided tour, the conventional descriptive introduction to works was replaced with a focus on the exploration of the ways in which works are perceived. TAN Tien, who has experiences of creation and teaching in physical theater, contemporary mime theater and circus performance, led viewers in perceiving themselves observing a work, including how they intervene in a space, change their relationships with it, and through (micro) physical performance convey their feelings about a work. Perhaps, the body’s understanding of a work is far greater than what we imagine.
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