The Formation of a Space

The formation of a space is determined by a given set of rules and order. In our society, spaces can be roughly categorized according to their uses such as for political, economic, or other affairs. Each space has its specific knowledge system. A space will become ambiguous once its knowledge system is detached from it.

Built in the 1950s, the Art Space V was originally the office building of the former Air Force Command Headquarters. Subsequently, its function (ranging from research and military to culture and life) has varied with the changes of resident institutions over the course of time. This space is ergo polysemous and divergent in terms of its properties. The work From One Corner to the Other sets great store by its interaction with the viewers, thereby proposing the question concerning the very foundation for the establishment of the spatial dimension.

TAI Han-Hong, From One Corner to the Other, 2021. Photo courtesy of C-LAB
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