The HIROSE Family Heritage

In June 2018, the members of the Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab and the Yes We Camp team from France discovered a safe from the Japanese colonial period on the second floor of the oldest building in the Air Force Command Headquarters, the former Governor-General’s Industrial Research Institute. The contents of the cabinet have already been emptied, but there were a number of family cultural relics hidden in the chest of drawers at the bottom. It was identified as documents of the three generations of The HIROSE family members, including the naming documents, vaccination certificates, as well as the umbilical cords of children and grandchildren. It was from around 1926 to 1942. Did the safe belong to the Industrial Research Institute or someone from the outside? Why have these family cultural relics been kept in the safe cabinets of the Industrial Research Institute for more than half a century? The reasons are still being investigated.

Photo by LU Guo-Way
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