The 601 Welfare Commissary

Located at the side entrance of Jianguo South Road, the Air Force Command Headquarters 601 Welfare Commissary was established at the beginning to provide various services for the military and their families. There were many shops in the station. On the first floor, there were clock department, engraving department, hair department, laundry department and stationery department. In addition to daily necessities, the second floor has a cosmetics counter; the third floor was changed to “Star Restaurant” and then changed to “Fucheng Karaoke”. In the era when department stores in the eastern district of Taipei were not yet prosperous, the Welfare Commissary was an important base for daily purchases. It often had long queues before the festivals, and even the surrounding building was full of vendors. The Alternative Guide of Time exhibition showcased the old billboards of the 601 Welfare Commissary and the vintage barber’s tools from the hair department.

Photo by LU Guo-Way
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