Stage Photos of Peking Opera

Before Mr. LI Ze-Hao retired, he was the deputy director of the Personnel Department in the Air Force Command Headquarters and was familiar with General WANG Shu-Ming also known as “Tiger WANG” who also loved Peking Opera. Mr. LI strongly promoted the Peking Opera. He also established the Air Force Amateur Drama Club. He was known for his role as a flower dan, in addition he also brought the troupe’s descendants to host the Taiwan MEI Lan-Fang Art Learning Center. In 1995, at the time of the 45th anniversary of the Air Force Dapeng Troupe, Mr. LI Ze-Hao performed the classics of Xi Shi with the Air Force Dapeng Troupe. During that time, Mr. MEI Lan-Fang completed the performance in two days. YAN Hui Zhu, the brilliant disciple of MEI Lan-Fang, tried to reduce it into a one-day performance. Mr. LI Zehao’s Xi Shi performed in the same way as YAN’s version.

Photo by LU Guo-Way
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