Political Situation Map of Greater East Asia and IKEDA Tetsusaku’s Article “Wars & Research Institute”

This map of Greater East Asia, published by the Taiwan Daily News (Taiwan Riri Sinpao) in 1942, not only shows the situation in the overall Pacific region, but also highlights the important strategic positions including the Aleutian Islands, Chuk Island, Solomon Islands and other Japanese invasion plans for the public to understand the geographical situation during wartime. In 1942, the director of Industrial Research Institute of the Taiwan Governor-General’s Office, IKEDA Tetsusaku, published the article “War & Research Institute.” He stated that the industrialization of Taiwan has achieved some success but it has not been paid enough attention by the Japanese government. Therefore, he emphasized the importance of industrial research and its future applications. He also pointed that the international situation is changing rapidly. If Japan failed to respond immediately, it would miss the opportunity of long-term development.

The map of Greater East Asia collected by the private collectors.
mapC-LABthe Taiwan Daily News (Taiwan Riri Sinpao)