Old Abacus

On the Jinan Road side of the old Air Force Command Headquarters, it once had the title of live fish street. With the relocation of the Air Force HQ to Dazhi, the industry faded. In the past, the air force and military squad mostly consisted of personnel from Sichuan Province of China. In order to comfort their homesickness, several sergeants jointly operated the Sichuan family style restaurants around the 1960s and 1970s. The Air Force commanders and the officials of the China Broadcasting Corporation have spent a lot of time on Jinan Road which once had more than ten live fish restaurants. Now there are only two old restaurants left from that time. After more than 40 years, these restaurants have seen the bustling rise and fall of Jinan Road. Ms. JI Hong-Chao, the female boss, said that in the age of computers, her mother still uses the old abacus to calculate the daily business income. The abacus is now the treasure of the town shop.

Photo by LU Guo-Way
objectcuisine culture in military dependents' villageC-LAB