Military Insignias and Everyday Photos

WANG Jian-Huai, a retired colonel from Taihu County of Anhui Province of China. In 1983, he was transferred to become the administrative director of Political Warfare Bureau of Air Force Command Headquarters. In the headquarters, layoffs began in 1984. The first-level units in administrative department were abolished and he was transferred to be the director of Zheng-San Department. The department is in charge of the military discipline, greed investigation, annual administrative report, answering questions of officers and soldiers, or resolving problems related to coordination. In the two years and five months of this position, the entire army was inspected twice including the commander-in-chief’s visits. After seventy-six years (in 1987) he was discharged from the director. At that point he has served in the army for thirty-nine years and eight months.

Photo by LU Guo-Way
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