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BioArt Part I |
Curiosity for BioArt

BioArt has arrived at a mature phase with a high level of diversity. What kinds of qualities make an artwork BioArt? How do we draw the boundaries of BioArt in myriads of discussions on intersecting art, technology and science? In the Part I of this feature series, Yenting KUAN investigates incidents “indicative” of developments of BioArt, presented along with the glossary of BioArt, which introduces top 10 commonly used terms in the field of BioArt by KU Kuang-Yi and Paul GONG, as a starting point for individuals curious about BioArt. SUN Yi-Cheng also records and shares her experience of joining Virophilia Dinner Performance Quarantine Edition hosted by the artist LIN Pei-Ying, examining the relationships between participants and BioArt through food consuming. (Editor in chief: LIU Yu-Ching; Editor: WANG Hsuan, GAO Huei-Cian. Photo courtesy of Waag (BY-NC-SA))

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